Scuba Diving

Open Water
Nitrox Diver (OWND)

IART Open Water Nitrox Diver In recent years dramatic advances in diving equipment have opened new possibilities and access to new dive sites to the modern SCUBA diver. Training for beginners though has remained largely unchanged for decades…until now! The new OWND course from IART...

Nitrox Diver

IART Advanced Nitrox Diver This course will teach you to utilize the advantages of Nitrox to extend your no-stop limits within the 40m recreational depth range or to use the gas to add a greater margin of safety when diving with air tables or computers....

Nitrox Diver

IART Nitrox Diver The IART Nitrox Diver course is designed to show you the advantages of using Nitrox in the recreational diving sector. It is especially tailored to divers who have not taken the IART OWND (Open Water Nitrox Diver Course) and thus have a...

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