Advanced Nitrox Diver

This course will teach you to utilize the advantages of Nitrox to extend your no-stop limits within the 40m recreational depth range or to use the gas to add a greater margin of safety when diving with air tables or computers.

The IART Advanced Nitrox course covers all aspects of dive planning and calculation allowing you to optimize the best mix for your planned dive and introduces you to the merits of secondary mixes designed to accelerate off-gassing on ascent.

Beyond that this course advances your knowledge and skills needed for wreck diving, wall diving and blue water ascents.

Theory presentations cover:

  • Physiological factors, potential dangers
  • Dive planning and gas analysis
  • Handling of equipment and practical dive conduct
  • 4 Open water training dives

The Advanced Nitrox course completes your recreational diver training and prepares you for the step to technical dive training.

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