Instructor Courses

Our instructors require a lot of personal diving experience and extraordinary in-house qualifications – this is not surprising. However, not all instructors work at this level. A growing number of instructors are only interested in the recreational diving program that IART is now offering.



I am already an instructor at another organization!

If you are already an instructor with a recognized training organization, you can easily switch to IART with your current instructor qualification. All you have to do is attend a one-day IOC (IART Orientation Seminar) with any IART instructor trainer. This introduces you to company ethics, the training programs, instructor materials and the various processes, such as carrying out certifications and ordering manuals. There is no test or assessment of diving skills in the water, so you can relax and enjoy the day with your IT!

I am an OC instructor and now I would like to teach rebreather diving!

No problem. As soon as you have successfully completed your user course with the rebreather of your choice and have collected the minimum requirement for personal diving experience on the device, you can register for an ITP (Instructor Training Program) with an IART Instructor Trainer who is qualified to use your chosen device to teach. During a 3-day assessment (including the IOC) you will demonstrate your diving skills on the device as well as your ability to teach the specifications of the device, both theoretically and practically underwater.

PDF-Download – Rebreather Ausbildung

I am already a rebreather instructor at IART and would like to teach a higher level!

First of all, your personal diving qualifications need to reach the level you want to teach and you need to collect the minimum requirement of logged diving hours. You will also need a minimum number of trained students at your current level as an instructor to demonstrate that you have the experience to advance to the next level. If you are already an IART instructor, you do not need to take an IOC, you only have to attend a 2-day IE (Instructor Exam), during which your instructor-trainer assesses you based on your personal diving skills and assesses your ability to teach at this new level.

I am already an OC instructor at IART and would like to teach rebreather diving!

We consider this a normal further development! As described above, you need your qualification as a user and the minimum requirement for diving lessons on the device you want to teach. Regardless of your status as an OC instructor, as a rebreather instructor you start at level 1. It is not possible to jump from an OC trimix instructor to a rebreather trimix instructor! Here, too, the 2-day IE (Instructor Exam) takes place, during which your instructor-trainer assesses your personal rebreather diving skills and your ability to teach rebreather diving.

I’m not an instructor yet!

Are you an experienced diver and would you like to become an IART instructor?

Regardless of whether your experience is based on the OC or the rebreather area, you first have to learn the role of the teacher and the duty of care as an instructor that you have to present to your students. This takes place in a 4-day IART IDC (Instructor Development Course), during which the employees of the IDC train and expand your skills and knowledge, which is necessary to pass your Instructor Examination (IE).

Your strengths and weaknesses will be assessed, but there is no PASS / FAIL, i.e. PASS / FAIL at your IDC. You just have to visit and exit. The second step is to take the 2 day IE which you can take as soon as you feel ready to do it. Some do this directly after their IDC, others would like to gain a little more experience first.

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