Triton mCCR Level 1

A) Course: Closed Circuit Rebreather Diver level I (CCR I). No decompression dives. Air diluents

B) Course objectives: This course develops in the participant, the required abilities, knowledge and techniques to dive responsibly with the closed circuit
“TRITON” rebreathers within sport diving and no-decompression limits. After successful completion of the course the participant is granted the permission
to dive with and purchase the “TRITON” CCR.

C) Pre-requistes: 50 logged dives, Advanced Open Water diver or equivalent qualification, Nitrox Diver certification and a valid diving medical.

D) Course content/duration: All theoretical and practical aspects of diving with the “TRITON” CCR as described in the IART-manual. In addition to time spent by the participant reading through the manual, the course duration is generally five days. It covers, in addition to extending and deepening the theoretical knowledge of the participant, training in pool/confined water and open water with not less than 6 dives and a minimum of 400 minutes total in-water time. The instructor : student ratio is not permitted to exceed 1:2

E) Training aides: IART TRITON CCR manual Level I, air/nitrox dive tables, NOAA exposure tables, flash-cards, personal instructor materials.

F) Mandatory equipment: complete diving equipment suitable to the environment, slate and pencil, bail-out cylinder und regulator with min. 600
litres supply, depth gauge and timer or dive computer.

G) Training limits: max depth Pool/confined water: 5m. OW dive 1: max. 10m, OW dives 2 – 4: max 20m, OW dives 5 + 6: min. 15m – max. 30m.
Nodecompression CCR dives planned to remain within limits of O/C nitrox tables.

H) Dive skills: all skills contained in the IART TRITON CCR Level I manual must be taught and performed according to the required standards.

I) Requirements for certification: Following completion of the theory lessons a written test must be passed. After successful demonstration of all required
practical diving skills the certification is documented by the issue of a certificate and a positive identification card (PIC). In accordance with IART
quality control, both the participant and instructor must sign the appropriate training protocol. The Instructor must retain this protocol with the student’s

J) Certification: issued by IART HQ

K) Certification renewal: not required

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