ISC Megalodon CCR Level 1

The Megalodon CCR Rebreather is a precision engineered machine sporting double heavy-duty o-ring seals on all connections, a heavy-duty aluminium stack where the electronics and a 2.5 kilo carbon dioxide (Co2) axial absorbent canister are housed. Fitted with an Automatic Diluent Valve ( ADV ) and a Head Up Display ( HUD ) enabling the diver to monitor the pO2 at all times.

The unit is available in two versions, either a computer controlled closed circuit (eCCR) or a manually controlled closed circuit rebreather (mCCR). In the electronically controlled APECS version an onboard computer maintains the oxygen partial pressure (Po2) in the breathing loop to the demand of the diver. In the manually controlled COPIS version the diver monitors loop Po2 on the display and manually injects oxygen as needed to maintain the desired setpoint.

The Megalodon is a very robust, high performance rebreather ideally suited to the technical diver. For this reason a comprehensive, dedicated training is essential. The IART unit-specific user course, combined with the unit specific IART manual, will prepare you with the knowledge and skills needed to safely dive the Megalodon CCR within no-decompression limits to a maximum depth of 40m.

Theory Presentation:

  • Includes review of nitrox theory, physics and physiology
  • Familiarisation with all rebreather components
  • Dive planning and execution and emergency procedures
  • A written exam concludes the theoretical development.

Practical training:

  • Unit preparation, pre-dive checks
  • Disassembly, cleaning and disinfection
  • Dive planning
  • Dive techniques in confined water followed by open water environments
  • Protocol in emergency situations

The training reflects the standards required by the manufacturer of the rebreather. IART is authorized by the manufacturer to conduct this training. The course manual is constantly revised and improved in consultation with the manufacturer to reflect new developments resulting from technical improvements or gained through dive experience. You will receive the current edition from your IART ISC Megalodon CCR instructor.

ISC Megalodon CCR Level 1 Standards

A) Course: Closed Circuit Rebreather Diver Level I (CCR I). No decompressionAir diluent.
B) Course objectives: This course develops in the participant, the required abilities, knowledge and techniques to dive responsibly with the ISC
MEGALODON closed circuit rebreather within sport diving and nodecompression limits. After successful completion of the course the participant
is granted the permission to dive with and purchase the MEGALODON CCR.
C) Pre-requisites: 50 logged dives, Advanced Open Water or equivalent qualification, Nitrox Diver certification and a valid diving medical.
D) Course content/duration: All theoretical and practical aspects of diving with the ISC MEGALODON CCR as described in the IART-manual. In addition to
time spent by the participant reading through the manual, the course duration is generally 5-7 days. It covers, in addition to extending and deepening the
theoretical knowledge of the participant, training in pool/confined water and open water with not less than a total of 60 minutes confined water and 300
minutes open water time on the MEGALODON CCR. The instructor : student ratio is not permitted to exceed 1:2.
E) Training aides: IART CCR manual Level I, air/nitrox dive tables, NOAA exposure tables, flash-cards, personal instructor materials.
F) Mandatory equipment: complete diving equipment suitable to the environment, recommended 7 litre (minimum 3 litre) bail-out cylinder and
regulator with a 2 metre regulator hose, low pressure inflation hose and SPG, slate and pencil, depth gauge and timer or dive computer.
G) Limits: max depth Pool/confined water: 5m. OW dive 1: max. 10m, OW dives 2 + 3: min. 10m – max 20m, OW dive 4 : min. 15m – max. 30m, OW dives 5+6
min. 20m – max 30m CCR dives planned to remain within CCR nodecompression limits or no-decompression limits of OC nitrox tables if no CCR
computer is used. No dive may exceed a maximum duration of 2 hours.
H) Dive skills: all skills contained in the IART CCR Level I manual must be taught and performed according to the required standards.
I) Requirements for certification: Following completion of the theory lessons a written test must be passed. After successful demonstration of all required
practical diving skills the certification is documented by the issue of a certificate and a positive identification card (PIC). In accordance with IART
quality control, both the participant and instructor must sign the appropriate training protocol. The Instructor must retain this protocol with the student’s
other training documents.
J) Certification: issued by IART HQ
K) Certification renewal: not required

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