Advanced Trimix

Through your extended range training you have developed the confidence to deal with extra, more cumbersome equipment and the psychological challenges presented by colder, deeper water and longer ascents requiring mandatory decompression stops.

You are prepared for the final step in the development of your OC training skills.

The IART Advanced Trimix course is the ultimate step. It takes you well beyond the skills and abilities of the majority of recreational divers but it demands a high level of understanding, practise and competence from those that undertake the training.

For good reason – beyond the Advanced Trimix level you are on your own!

Course content/duration:

During your IART Advanced Trimix training you will be given the opportunity to acquire the required abilities, knowledge and techniques to dive responsibly to dive responsibly with open circuit SCUBA in the realm of mixed-gas decompression dives using Trimix as bottom gas to a maximum depth of 90 msw and you will receive up-to-date education aligned with the currently accepted methods and guidelines with respect to:

  • Physiological aspects (E.g. CNS, nitrogen narcosis, hypercapnia, hypoxia and hyperoxia under extreme conditions)
  • Dive planning and execution
  • Deep diving physics and physiology ( E.g. HPNS, counter-diffusion and IEDCS)
  • Equipment considerations
  • Decompression planning and advanced decompression techniques
  • Gas management and gas switching
  • Oxygen as deco-gas
  • Emergency management
  • Decompression sickness

This objective will be achieved through both theoretical and practical training modules.

Topics covered in the practical training include the proper planning, gas analysis and cylinder labelling, equipment familiarization (travel/deco stage cylinders – removal/replacement), gas switching, emergency and out-of-air procedures (gas sharing, rescue ascent, etc.), ascent reel and lift bag deployment, and proper decompression techniques.

This course covers all aspects of Advanced Trimix theory and includes 2 confined water and 4 open water dives over 4 days, with a minimum accumulated in-water time of 240 mins.

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