Full Cave Level 3

Cave diving – the premier class of diving

  • do you know the best cave diving equipment configuration for you

  • do you know the rules of cave diving you can safely dive

  • IART Level 1 caves to a maximum depth of 45 and up to 1/4 of your air reserve

  • can plan and carry out cave dives with your buddy alone / safely


What do you need to register for this course:

  • You need an IART Decompression Diver, Rescue Diver, Cave Level 1 or similar.

  • For Rebreather Level 2 Decompression

  • Age 18 Years
  • Valid certificate of fitness for diving according to the guidelines of IART. This must not be older than 2 years, for applicants under 14 and over 40 years not older than 1 year.
  • You have at least 120 logged dives, 20 logged night dives and 10 logged cave level 1 dives after certification
  • Rebreather 50 logged dives extra
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