Hammerhead CCR Level 1

There are two models of the Hammerhead CCR

Hammerhead Classic:
Compact design, pre Scrubber O2 Injection, quick bayonet mount, quick disconnect cylinder mounts, 3 Primary O2 sensor cells, primary, secondary, DIVA options and a 4th O2 sensor cell with additional eCCR monitor output as standard. Ultra reliable JMI ADV and Manual Add Valves, 3 Canister, 2 Scrubber and 5 lung options make this a very user adaptable unit. The JM Hammerhead CCR is one of the most advanced closed circuit mixed gas rebreather in the commercial rebreathing market. Innovative, functional and effective, it is a good choice for a technical diver’s eCCR.

Hammerhead Extreme:
If the Hammerhead Classic is ‘The Best’, the Hammerhead Extreme is better. With updated designs to improve functionality and operation, the JM Hammerhead Extreme CCR expands the rock solid design of the Classic.

Both models can be internal configured for just about any combination of controllers on the market. The standard HH configuration is with a primary controller: monitoring cells 1-3 and firing the solenoid, a secondary controller for redundant monitoring of cells 1 through 3 and powering the DIVA. An (Optional) Tertiary controller: monitoring Cell 4.

The IART unit-specific user course, combined with the unit specific IART manual, will prepare you with the knowledge and skills needed to safely dive the HAMMERHEAD CCR within no-decompression limits to a maximum depth of 40m.

Theory Presentation:

  • Includes review of nitrox theory, physics and physiology
  • Familiarisation with all rebreather components
  • Dive planning and execution and emergency procedures
  • A written exam concludes the theoretical development.

Practical training:

  • Unit preparation, pre-dive checks
  • Disassembly, cleaning and disinfection
  • Dive planning
  • Dive techniques in confined water followed by open water environments
  • Protocol in emergency situations
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