KISS Sport CCR Level 1

Keep it Simple is the philosophy applied to all products designed and built by KISS Rebreathers. The Sport KISS design is a blend of simplicity and sophistication. It has been designed for recreational divers who are looking for a reliable, easy to use rebreather that is well made, looks professional and is very durable. It is also competitively priced so it won’t break the bank.

The Sport KISS comes standard with an automatic diluent valve, bailout mouthpiece, triple redundant displays and oxygen sensors. It can be ordered with BC, backplate, harness and/or tanks.

The Sport KISS comes with a unique bi-axial scrubber. Gas passes through the scrubber twice before it reaches the diver. As a result, this design removes the CO2 in a very efficient manner. This type of scrubber works at a higher temperature than a regular axial scrubber, which also aids in the removal of CO2. As there is only a short distance through the scrubber for the gas to move, the breathing resistance is low.

Three independent Jetsam backlit ppO2 displays, each with its own housing, battery and sensor, makes the system completely redundant. The batteries are user changeable. Each display can be replaced independently and spares are easily affordable.

The IART unit-specific user course, combined with the unit specific IART manual, will prepare you with the knowledge and skills needed to safely dive the KISS SPORT CCR within no-decompression limits to a maximum depth of 40m.

Theory Presentation:

  • Includes review of nitrox theory, physics and physiology related to rebreather diving
  • Familiarisation with all rebreather components
  • Dive planning and execution and emergency procedures
  • A written exam concludes the theoretical development.

Practical training:

  • Unit preparation, pre-dive checks
  • Disassembly, cleaning and disinfection
  • Dive planning
  • Dive techniques in confined water followed by open water environments
  • Protocol in emergency situations
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