IART - International Association of Rebreather Trainers

IART LogoIART, the International Association of Rebreather Trainers, was founded in 1997 primarily to support the introduction of rebreather diving in the recreational sector. Since then IART has grown steadily and is foremost when it comes to learning to dive with rebreathers.

That is not all that IART offers though!

There is now a full range of open circuit courses, starting from the OWND Open Water Nitrox Diver certification right through to Advanced Trimix. Whichever course you might wish to take to extend your diving knowledge and skills you will find that IART offers “state of the Art” training to the highest of standards.

Not surprisingly IART-trained divers are recognised worldwide for their competence and IART training is approved by all rebreather manufacturers within RESA (read more about RESA) and our training satisfies the most stringent of regulations such as those of the HSE (health and Safety Executive) in the UK.

So who is who at IART?

Chris Ullmann

IART headquarter is situated in Germany. Your contact staff there are:

Chris Ullmann (President)

Chris has a vast experience of diving, starting with the Marines as a mine disposal diver. Later he progressed through all levels of training to become a National instructor and instructor examiner. He has thousands of hours diving experience, has dived and tested both military and most of the major recreational rebreathers available and is very experienced deep Trimix dives.

Contact Chris if you have questions about joining IART, your current status as an instructor or for information about taking your own training further. You can also meet up with Chris at numerous events and dive shows.


Neil Matthews

Neil Matthews (IART training director and Chairman of the Board of Advisors)

Neil, born in the UK, was one of the very first rebreather instructors in Germany and is chiefly responsible for writing and co-ordinating the IART training materials and manuals. Before taking on IART, Neil worked in many different countries as an Instructor and has also been involved in every other branch of sport diving from retail to equipment servicing and repair.

Contact Neil if you have any questions about the contents of your course or for information as to what training aides are available.


Doris UllmannDoris Ullmann (certifications, membership renewals and accounting)

Doris is a recreational diver – but a professional in the office! Doris has applied skills that she developed through hotel management to create the fastest certification process available. Your certification card is on its way within 24 hours of the online application – it might be home before you are! In addition Doris maintains complete records of all IART transactions worldwide and can locate required information usually within seconds.
Contact Doris if you have any questions about a certification, if you need a replacement C-card, an email confirmation of your certification if you have forgotten your card on your holiday or for copies of financial transactions/invoices. 


Nina SlotNina Slot (German translations)

Nina is primarily responsible for the excellent translation work in offering our German speaking instructors and students materials in their own language. Few other organisations offer this –particularly for Rebreathers. Like Doris, Nina is a recreational diver –but through the years of translation work an expert on dive theory!

Nina should not be directly contacted but if you wish to send feedback or suggestions on the German language materials you have received then contact IART HQ and we will forward your mail.



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