International Association of Rebreather Trainers

So who is IART ?


IART Headquarter are located in Germany.

These are the contact persons:

Chris Ullmann (President)

Christoph Ullmann

Chris has extensive scuba diving and rebreather diving experience. He started his diving career in 1979 in the police sports club Oktopus. In 1990 he became a diving instructor in the Association of State-certified diving instructors (FST) and was training manager from 1995-2004. The first rebreather was the Dräger Atlantis in 1992, CIS-Lunar MKV in 1995, and Buddy Inspiration in 1997. He then became an instructor in 1998 (Trainer Dave Thompson) in 2000 he took over the training association IART and has been President ever since. In 2003, together with Manfred Führmann and Volker Clausen, he set the then record deep dive of 224.5 meters with the CCR Buddy Inspiration. From 2014-2016 he worked as a manufacturer trainer for HOLLIS Explorer and Prism. He has thousands of diving hours, has dived and tested most recreational rebreathers and is particularly experienced in deep trimix diving.

If you have any questions regarding membership with IART, your current status as an instructor, or would like to learn how to further develop your own diving qualification, please contact Chris. He can also be found at various events and dive shows.

Doris Ullmann (certifications, renewals of memberships and accounting)

Doris is a scuba diver – but in the office she is a professional!

She has application knowledge that she acquired and expanded while working as a hotel manager, thus creating the fastest possible certification process.

After submitting the online application, your certification card will leave the IART headquarters within 24 hours – it may arrive at your home! In addition, Doris has an overview of the complete documentation of all IART transactions worldwide and can find all the information you need in seconds.

Contact Doris if you have any questions about certifications, if you need a replacement card, if you need an email confirmation of your certification, if you find yourself forgetting your card while on vacation, or if you need copies of financial transactions or invoices.