About us!


In 1997 IART was founded as an international association of rebreather trainers.

IART stands for International Association of Rebreather Trainers. This became necessary because the rebreather technology continued to advance during this period and this progress was not taken into account in the sense of training programs on the part of the recreational diving associations.

IART aims to make rebreather diving as safe as possible. In close cooperation with the manufacturers, IART has offered device-specific training with detailed manuals and courses in which the knowledge and diving skills imparted are precisely tailored to the respective rebreather and the level of training.

In the past few years, IART has had excellent safety statistics and has received unreserved respect from both manufacturers and divers. Nevertheless, we don’t stop there and rest on it. A growing number of highly trained IART instructors around the world now offer the full range of Open Circuit courses, starting with a very modern introductory course for scuba divers up to Advanced Trimix.

IART has a system that offers all instructor members worldwide the same service and the same costs. IART instructors can teach worldwide where local law allows. As an IART instructor, you can do a lot online and at any time: the certification of your student, the ordering of manuals for your students, the ordering of promotional material – not only that, you can do all of them regardless of location (provided you have an Internet connection) Download instructor training materials and presentations continuously and free of charge!

The IART logo is now known and is a symbol of quality. If you think that you have exceptional instructor qualities, then IART is the right partner for you and you are the right instructor for us!

However, IART offers even more!

We offer the full range of Open Circuit diving courses, starting with the OWND course – Open Water Nitrox Diver up to Advanced Trimix certification. Whichever course you choose to improve your diving knowledge and skills, you will find that IART offers you state of the art diving education at the highest level.

IART trained divers are recognized worldwide for their competence – and that’s no surprise. All rebreather manufacturers within the RESA (read more about RESA) recognize the training by IART and our training corresponds to the strictest of all guidelines, namely those of the HSE (Health ans Safety Executive) in Great Britain.