Extended Range Normoxic Trimix

In order to undertake this course you have already learned and become familiar with handling two stage cylinders as well as your primary supply. You have learned to deal with the psychological implications of dives with mandatory decompression stops and you have learned the advantage of a second decompression mix to reduce ascent times and the precautions you need to take when switching gasses.

In fact, you are already at a point where you have the experience and skills to dive deeper but as you are certainly aware the physiological implications of diving deeper with oxygen/nitrogen mixes would make this a very risky undertaking.

The only solution is to add a second inert gas to the mix in order to be able to reduce both the oxygen and nitrogen levels. The most commonly used gas that has no dangerous side-effects on the human metabolism is helium.

This course will prepare you to dive with three constituent gasses (Trimix) and extend your depth range to a maximum of 60m. You are about to enter a depth range that few recreational divers will ever visit. The rewards are little visited dive sites, a chance to get away from the masses.

Course content/duration:

During your IART Extended Range training you will be given the opportunity to acquire the required abilities, knowledge and techniques to dive responsibly to dive responsibly with open circuit SCUBA in the realm of decompression dives using normoxic Trimix to a maximum depth of 60m and you will receive up-to-date education aligned with the currently accepted methods and guidelines with respect to:

  • Normoxic Trimix
  • Dive planning and execution
  • Gas management
  • Decompression planning
  • Decompression sickness
  • Emergency management
  • Examples of equipment configuration

This objective will be achieved through both theoretical and practical training modules.
Topics covered in the practical training include

  • Gas analyse
  • Stress management
  • Assembly, disassembly and maintenance
  • Emergency exercises
  • Deployment of deco-buoys
  • Gas switching
  • Normoxic Trimix

This course covers all aspects of normoxic Trimix theory and includes 4 normoxic Trimix training dives performed over at least 2 days with a minimum accumulated open water dive time of 200 minutes.

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