JJ-CCR Level 1 E

The JJ-CCR is a fully-closed, electronically controlled rebreather operating with Shearwater electronics and a HUD system that performs an additional sensor calibration.

The JJ-CCR is a robust, well-engineered, no-nonsense rebreather with multiple redundant systems on board and manual override options. It is primarily designed to work with back-mounted counterlungs leaving the chest area free of encumberments. This is a unit that can meet the demands of every rebreather diver including those wishing to undertake deep Trimix diving. Its performance potential is enormous.

For this reason a comprehensive, dedicated training is essential. The IART unit-specific user course, combined with the use of the course manual, will prepare you with the knowledge and skills needed to safely dive the JJ-CCR within the limits set by the Level I standards. It covers, in addition to extending and deepening the theoretical knowledge of the participant, training in pool/confined water and 6 open water dives with not less than 300 minutes in-water time on the JJ-CCR.

The instructor : student ratio is not permitted to exceed 1:2.

This course will prepare you to become a competent, disciplined and knowledgeable JJ-CCR diver who understands:

  • The physiological principles behind rebreather diving
  • The construction of the unit including assembly, disassembly, cleaning and maintenance
  • The possible dangers and potential mistakes
  • How to employ the best diving techniques with the unit
  • How to rescue another rebreather diver

The training reflects the standards required by the manufacturer of the rebreather. IART is authorized by the manufacturer to conduct this training. The course manual is constantly revised and improved in consultation with the manufacturer to reflect new developments resulting from technical improvements or gained through dive experience. You will receive the current edition from your IART JJ-CCR instructor.