Submatix 100ST SCR E

CE certified In 2004, the SUBMATIX SCR 100 ST is a semi-closed circuit Nitrox rebreather designed and built for recreational diving only (with nitrox to a maximum depth of 40 metres). The unit is back-mounted and uses two separate cylinders , both filled with pre-mixed Nitrox. A range of interchangeable dosage nozzles allow you to select the correct constant flow for your actual Nitrox mix. An Oxyscan gauge allows you to monitor loop pO2.

The comprehensive IART training reflects the standards required by the manufacturer of the rebreather. IART is authorized by the manufacturer to conduct this training. The course manual was written in consultation with the manufacturer and you will receive the current edition from your IART Instructor.

The IART Submatix SCR – Level 1 course trains and certifies the user to dive safely within no-decompression limits to the maximum safe depth of the Nitrox mix used.

Theory Presentation:

  • Familiarisation with all rebreather components
  • Correct preparation and routine maintenance
  • Dive planning and execution, Nitrox theory
  • Proof of knowledge (written test) covering theory, dive planning and execution, emergency management and rebreather components, concludes the theoretical development.

Practical Training:

  • Equipment preparation, care and maintenance
  • Dive planning and execution
  • Diving techniques and their application in open water
  • Emergency management