Nitrox Diver E


The IART Nitrox Diver course is designed to show you the advantages of using Nitrox in the recreational diving sector.

It is especially tailored to divers who have not taken the IART OWND (Open Water Nitrox Diver Course) and thus have a PADI Open Water Diver certification. After completing this course, you will be able to dive with standard nitrox mixtures, which are already available premixed at many dive stations – usually at no additional cost.

The course is quite simple and fun. Course and manual have a small theoretical part and practical training with your instructor (including 2 open water nitrox dives), familiarize yourself with the equipment and teach you the competent handling of Nitrox 32 and Nitrox 36 standard mixtures and the necessary equipment, such as .B a nitrox computer and an oxygen analyzer.

This is also the ideal preparation and necessary starting point if you also want to take the IART Advanced Nitrox Diver Nitrox course. This is a course where you will learn to optimize your nitrox mixture and show you possible dives that most of us find really exciting!

This course dispels some nitrox myths: Nitrox is a deep submersible gas and only for “tekkies”. Such views are as correct as the frequently used phrase “The diver puts on his oxygen cylinder”.

The course is also suitable for non-certified nitrox divers who would like to take a rebreather course. In this case, the manual serves as a prerequisite theoretical preparation for your rebreather course. During the rebreather course you will have ample opportunity to practice gas analysis and all your dives are strictly speaking “nitrox” dives. So you can start your rebreather course after reading this manual and successfully passing the test provided by your instructor.