JJ-CCR Level 2 E

This course develops in the participant, the required abilities, knowledge and techniques to dive safely and responsibly with the JJ-CCR in the realm of decompression dives using an air diluent as bottom gas to a maximum depth of 40m and, if option B is selected, decompression dives using normoxic Trimix diluent to a maximum depth of 60m

OPTION A – ExtendedRange (air) diver:

All theoretical and practical aspects of air diluent decompression diving. The classroom sessions explain the physical and physiological hazards of air diluent diving, the decompression planning and equipment considerations for decompression diving, the need of bail-out gas, and all procedures involved. An important point is dive planning using the integral Sherwater software as well as computer-based dive tables such as Z-Plan, Proplanner, etc.

The practical part of the course includes 4 dives over at least 3 days with a minimum accumulated dive time of 180 minutes.

The instructor-to-student ratio is 1:2.

OPTION B – Extended Range (normoxic Trimix) diver:

This covers all aspects of option A with additional normoxic Trimix theory and 2 additional normoxic Trimix dives. In total 6 dives over at least 5 days (2-4 of which are normoxic Trimix) with a minimum accumulated dive time of 300 minutes.
The instructor-to-student ratio is 1:2.

The training reflects the standards required by the manufacturer of the rebreather. IART is authorized by the manufacturer to conduct this training.
The IART Level II course manual is constantly revised and improved in consultation with the manufacturer to reflect new developments resulting from technical improvements or gained through dive experience. You will receive the current edition from your IART JJ-CCR instructor.