Explorer Basic Standards E

  1. Course:
    IART Semi Closed Rebreather Diver Basic (eSCR Basic)
  2. Course objective:
    This course trains the participant in the skills, knowledge and techniques required to safely and responsibly dive with the Hollis Explorer eSCR semi closed rebreather to a maximum of 18 metres within no-stop times. After successful completion the participant may purchase and/or dive a Hollis Explorer.
  3. Prerequisites:
    Minimum 10 logged dives, IART Open Water Nitrox Diver or equivalent Open Water plus Nitrox Diver certification and valid diving medical.
  4. Course content/duration:
    All theoretical and practical aspects of diving with the Hollis Explorer eSCR as described in the IART manual. Course duration, after preparatory home-study of the manual, is generally 2-3 days. In addition to theory development, practical training in pool/confined water and in open water with not less than 150 minutes accumulated in-water time.
    The Instructor : student ratio must not exceed 1:3
  5. Support materials:
    IART Explorer manual Level I, Air/Nitrox tables, NOAA exposure tables, IART flash-cards and IART Instructor presentation materials.
  6. Required equipment:
    A well-serviced Hollis Explorer eSCR fitted with at least a 5 litre inboard cylinder containing Nitrox 32-40 (+/- 2%) and fitted with an octopus regulator, a printed pre-dive checklist, suitable thermal protection and personal diving equipment including mask and fins.
  7. Limits:
    mmaximum depth for pool/confined water: 5m, open water dive 1: 10m, dives 2-3 min. 10m – max 18m. Dive duration not to exceed OC Nitrox no-stop limits, maximum pO2 within 1.6 bar.
  8. Dive skills:
    Training in all skills as described in the IART Explorer eSCR Level 1 manual, in both confined and open water.
  9. Requirements for certification:
    After completion of all theory elements a written test must be undertaken. Following successful completion of all practical training, certification is documented by issue of certificate and PIC. In accordance with IART Quality Control, the student and Instructor are required to fill in the training protocol form. The instructor must retain this form with the student file.
  10. Certification:
    issued by IART HQ
  11. Certification renewal:
    not required
  12. Certification upgrade:
    For divers holding an IART OWND certification, an upgrade to full User Level I (30m certification) may be obtained by completing 2 further Hollis Explorer training dives with an IART Explorer instructor. Participants with only an OWD + Nitrox status must first obtain an Advanced open water certification.