AP Inspiration Vision Evolution CCR Level 3 E

The CCR Level 3 course develops in the participant, the required abilities, knowledge and techniques to conduct decompression dives safely and responsibly with the APD Inspiration or Evolution closed circuit rebreather using sub-normoxic Trimix as diluent gas to a maximum depth of 100m.

All theoretical and practical aspects of TRIMIX diving related to the Inspiration or Evolution CCR.

Amongst other themes, the theory covers:

  • physiological and psychological aspects of deep mixed-gas diving,
  • decompression planning,
  • equipment configuration for multiple bailout cylinders,
  • use of bail-out gases,
  • safe dive practices and emergency procedures with the rebreather

An important point is the planning and calculation of deep dives with the integral Vision software as well as computer-based diving tables such as GAP, V-Planner or Proplanner software etc.

The training dives include the proper planning, gas analysis and labelling, equipment familiarization (removal, replacement and use of travel/deco mix bail-out stages) emergency and out-of-gas procedures (bail-out, rescue ascent, etc.), ascent reel and lift bag deployment, and proper CCR decompression techniques.

The training reflects the standards required by the manufacturer of the rebreather. IART is authorized by the manufacturer to conduct this training. The IART Level 3 course manual is constantly revised and improved in consultation with the manufacturer to reflect new developments resulting from technical improvements or gained through dive experience. You will receive the current edition from your IART APD instructor.