The DOLPHIN SCR was designed to fit to the needs of the recreational rebreather diver by using fixed constant flow nozzles that can be easily exchanged depending on the gas mix chosen by the diver. A colour coding system makes it easy to avoid mistakes.

Despite this user-friendly approach, diving with the DOLPHIN SCR demands some new skills from the diver and presents potential new problems. The IART unit-specific user course, combined with the use of the course manual, will prepare you with the knowledge and skills needed to safely dive the Dolphin SCR within no-decompression limits to the maximum safe depth of the Nitrox premix used.

This course will prepare you to become a competent, disciplined and knowledgeable SCR diver who understands:

  • The physiological principles behind rebreather diving
  • The construction of the unit including assembly, disassembly, cleaning and maintenance
  • The possible dangers and potential mistakes
  • How to employ the best diving techniques with the unit
  • How to rescue another rebreather diver

Theory Presentation

  • Includes review of nitrox theory, physics and physiology
  • Familiarisation with all rebreather components including maintenance
  • Dive planning and execution and emergency procedures
  • IART rescue module
  • A written exam concludes the theoretical development.

Practical training

  • Unit preparation, pre-dive checks
  • Disassembly, cleaning and disinfection
  • Dive planning
  • Dive techniques in confined water followed by open water environments
  • Protocol in emergency situations
  • Proof of successful completion of all required training exercises.